Formula 2 Series

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Welcome, to the Formula 2 series.

Our newest model, the F2 is the more diverse twin. We set out to design the most minimal frame possible, which still afforded the pilot protection for their electronic equipment.

We changed things from our FX and UL replaceable design, to a single base plate. This decision was made to save complexity of a swap-out design, which was inherently heavier.

With the change in base plate, we wanted to achieve a completely flush bottom, free of screw heads for a smooth battery mounting surface. we came up with a slot design which locks in place with 4 M2 nuts. The Base plate has counter sunk screw holes for the flight stacks.

The new Formula 1 and 2 canopy covers are not only stylish, but serve a few good purposes: a slight advantage of aero-dynamics, a roll over fin (Aero canopy) for aiding in turtle mode, and also a nice place to tuck away your radio receiver.  Tubes will help position your receiver antennas for optimal diversity reception.

The F2 frame, was designed for the used of Micro cams, such as the caddx SDR2, or runcam micro swift which are 19mm wide.

Depending on frame size, you can run either 20x20mm, or 16x16mm stacks. We recommend the Iflight stacks available in our FC section. 14xx motors recommended from 3-5 inch, and 11xx for 2.5 and lite 3 inch frames.

Weights listed below include canopy.

Frame sizes and Specs:

2.5" (32g):

9x9mm motor mounting

20mm, and 16mm stack mounting options

3" Lite (33g):

9x9mm motor mounting 

20mm and 16mm stack mounting options

3" Power (45g):

12x12mm motor mounting 

20mm stack mounting options

4" (47g):

12x12mm motor mounting

20mm stack mounting

5" (53g)

12x12mm motor mounting 

20mm stack mounting.