FX-1 Complete Frame

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The FX-1(freestyle) frame is geared for the pilot looking for a lightweight solution for a different mini quad experience. We have made this frame for a sexier look compared to its UL-1 cousin. Additionally, the spikes on the side plates provide extra protection for when things don't go as planned.

It's built on our hot-swap design, where you can mix and match different arm and motor configurations, and replace a broken arm by simply unbolting the 2 frame screws, unscrewing your motors, and sliding in the new arm.

Mix and Match the frame to your preference, this is your FX-1.

TPU Canopy included with frame kit. No GoPro Session or GoPro Hero 5/6/7 mounting solution available at this time. Stay tuned for further development.

All carbon pieces are Quasi-Isotropic Carbon. This carbon is layered with fibers running in more direction than your typical carbon which provides additional stiffness especially in cases where the fibers can't be optimally aligned such as in the deadcat arms.