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The FrStyle is what you would call a more traditional freestyle quad. It is meant to have lots of room, have a low profile and skinny arms for amazing performance. All this with little to no props in view. We managed to maintain the weight within reason at 106g including hardware but not any tpu mounts.

It will fit either a 30x30 or a 20x20 on the center above the arms. Then the rear will support again another 30x30 or 20x20 stack. The front can take a 20x20 stack. Finally, it has been designed to support a micro style cam mounted on tpu cam mounts. This frame will allow for mounting of the DJI air module on the rear space.

The frame is meant to be a low profile top battery mount frame. Included standoff are 20mm tall. 

The arms are 5mm thick for great strength and interlock to provide additional stiffness. Additionally, the arms provide some motor protection.

This frame will provide a great compromise between strength and weight to maintain a top level of performance.

Note: frame does not include tpu mount. Those need to be purchase separately.