Pod Racer - 5 inch

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This is it... the most bare bones rig you are going to find. You delectably twisted person. Throwing caution to the wind as you plot out your lightest freestyle, racing frame. the guys at the field look at you and think you're nuts. They look at you and scoff because you chose elastic bands to hold your lipo, not a strap. They all sit back and watch in horror and covered genitals as you hit armed and send your quad screaming into a labyrinth of gates, tree's, fence's, parking garages, bridges, heards of small animals, church choirs... with about a much protection from disaster as wyl-e-coyote with an umbrella from a boulder.

And you smile. You smile the whole time because you know you're right. The ultralight builds are the most raw performance you can achieve. you've taken 2000hp and crammed it into a go-kart. You are Guy Martin at the Isle of Mann TT going 300kmph on small little narrow village roads.

your motors are 14.7g, the stack you've finally chosen to use because it was 3g lighter than your second choice. You dont even care what camera is in there, just that the new nano cams are actually really good now, and you could deal with a slightly inferior image (which isnt bad at all, they're pretty good now), for a smaller form factor, and weight savings. You have even weighed your props!

So we made it. We made it for you. The Pod Racer is as simple, yet strong as it gets for being so stripped down for maximum performance. 

We recommend flight stacks that do not have connecting supporting pins between the flight controller and 4in1 esc. In case of a bump to the canopy, you do not want to be shearing pins as they are small and delicate. This is a known problem with these stacks. If they are afforded anything less that complete protection you run the risk of damaging your electrical stack. Flight controllers with wire bundles or solder pads do not fall victim to this problem as there is nothing to shear in the event of a hit.

20x20mm mounting holes

12x12mm motor mount holes.

frame wieght: 21.5g, with 5.5g TPU canopy


Come get one today, it's time you opened up the throttle.