Skewer Series

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This is a PRE-ORDER that will Close on May 24th. Frames expected to ship before end of May.

This frame DOES NOT include the canopy. It will take any tiny whoop style canopy or purchased separately at: 

The Skewer series was born from trying to further perfect the ultra-light racer.  Currently, our "Pod Racer" allows for mounting 20x20 electronics and comes in a few grams lighter but the "Skewer" more than makes up the weight difference by utilizing the 26x26 "Whoop Style" all-in-one boards. These boards are significantly lighter than your typical 20x20 stack. Additionally, the 26x26 "Whoop Style" mounting allows for a more sturdy and durable pod. One of the best pods available for this mounting style is the Pickle Pods as seen here in case you have your own 3d printer: 

The pod can also be bought separately in our store:

The frame consists of a solid 5mm baseplate with 2 screws holding the flight controller plate to the baseplate and the battery plate at the bottom. This allows for easy changing of baseplate if need be as the full flight controller, vtx, rx, camera and pod can be left assembled and only unbolt motors then bolt into the new baseplate.

This frame weighs in at 28g with the PicklePOD 2 CRSF+ANT.  4" Variant weighs in at 24g with the same pod.

I was able to assembly a Full quad with the following specs with All Up Weight of 227g:


NamelessRC VTX with DVR

Caddx Kangaru (14mm "Nano"  Cam)

Airblade 1606 3200kv motors

HQprop T5x3 prop

GNB 750mah 4s Batt.

Nano Crossfire RX with Minimortal antenna

Emax Nano antenna

PicklePod2 CRSF+ANT

New motor options available soon that will be a perfect fit for this frame!! See here for motor pre-order: