'The Frog' 4 inch HD

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The frog is our take on a sub 250g HD flier, with a function over looks approach to the design. We have placed the pod way out front, so that you will get the most absolute clear image, with zero chance of prop disc lay-over into your HD footage.

We chose the deadcat layout again, to facilitate a clear image, while still being a very directionally stable flier.

With newer hd camera recording offers out there to for community, ranging from the caddx turtle, runcam mini split, to the now impending runcam hybrid and current tarsier both coming in at 4k recording, we felt we needed to make a frame to facilitate the best possible option for your recording experience. 

We highly suggest you wait for the runcam hybrid, or use an hd recording option with 1 pcb, as you may have to get creative with your stack-up if you usse something like the tarsier with the 2 layer pcb to get it to fit properly. there are some AIO fc's with esc options out there, you will just nned to plan your buildup accordingly. 

We recommend flight controller offerings from iflightrc and hglrc, as they have proven to be very reliable and consistent. 

build specs:

20x20mm M2 cuntersunk stack holes, for a smooth belly

Supports 19mm cameras

mount holes for 140X motors

Spare parts are shared with the FX 2 series frames.